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Your First Visit

Make Yourself at Home

You will always feel welcome in our waiting area.

You will always feel welcome in our waiting area.

You will be greeted by the office staff when you walk through the door. They will have some paperwork for you to fill out regarding your complaint(s) as well as your overall health. The doctor will review the paperwork and then will come to meet with you.

You may be asked some more specific questions and a complete musculoskeletal and neurologic exam will be performed. At this point the doctor will let you know if this is a problem which chiropractic can treat and if not will refer you to someone who might be better able to help you. If the doctor decides to take on your case and feels the need for x-rays to get a better understanding of exactly what is going on those will then be taken and done right in the office.

We Explain Everything First

The doctor will then explain to you what exactly is going on and causing your symptoms and what he plans to do to help. Sometimes it may be necessary to take some more time to put all the information together in which case this information will be covered in more depth on your second visit.

The first office visit will be significantly longer than any subsequent visits, plan to reserve approximately one hour.